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The atheist staring from his attic window is often nearer to God than the believer caught up in his own false image of God.


Welcome to the Kingdom Browser

Welcome to the Kingdom Browser, proclaiming the values Jesus brought: Love, Truth, Justice and Peace, which is valid for entire humankind. This website is intended as an academic and ministry resource for all. Through this Francis Arackal would like to share his knowledge and  experience with  people. 



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India's Pride Restored

Goa,  18 October 2010

Patriotic Indians heave a sigh of relief as the Common Wealth Games went superbly well, especially because of our athletes and the people of Delhi. The games over now the audit should begin and punish the corrupt in an exemplary fashion. This is an issue in which all Indians are united. The passports of all officials connected to the organizing of the games should be taken back by the State so that the corrupt may not run away from the country since the booty they may have amassed from the conducting of the games may have been already stored in banks abroad. Next three months is a period of expectant waiting for Indians to see the corrupt punished in the severest fashion so that no one in the future dares to appropriate the prescious funds of the State. We salute the brave athlets who despite the politics of misgovernance in sports in India brought laurels to the country.

Two Pressing Issues

Two other pressing dangers to the nation are: Kashmir separatism and Maoist violence. If the argument that a Muslim majority area such as Kashmir should go to Pakistan taken to its logical conclusion that what about the nearly 140 million Muslims in the rest of India? Can they go to Pakistan? Maoists are using the poor, illiterate tribals to amass wealth and through its help fight the State unleashing mindless, brutal violence to attain their selfish ends. The government should set up separate funds to fight both these menace. Each Indian should contribute to this fund so that our armed forces can have better weapons and living conditions to defeat these dark forces of the nation. Jai Hind!

 Francis Arackal




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