From the Upper Room to the Altar of the World

(Released in February 2010 by St. Paul Publications, Mumbai, Pages: 317; Price; INR160 ($12)

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From the Upper Room to the Altar of the World is a collection of reflections for all and sundry. They are a ready-to-use comprehensive collection written in simple and conversational style. From the Upper Room to the Altar of the World

• 122 Bible Themes
• 27 Themes on Feasts and Solemnities
• 18 Themes on Sacred Heart of Jesus
• Foreword by Bishop Franco of New Delhi
• Published by Pauline Publications, the Book consists of 317 pages and the price is Rs. 160/- or $12.
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About the Author

Dr. Francis Arackal, OP is a professor of Philosophy & Media and is a trained journalist. He has been Formator, Superior, Parish Priest and Editor. He has also been the Joint Secretary of the Indian Catholic Press Association (ICPA) for four years. His higher studies in Rome and Ireland and media work has taken him to many countries. He brings to bear on the writing of both these books his vast multi-faceted experience (especially pastoral) in abundant measure. For more details about the author visit:

More About the Book

 Upper Room is the place where Jesus celebrated the first Eucharist with his beloved disciples on the eve of his passion and death. Therefore the book is primarily meant for the Eucharistic celebrations, wherever we choose to have them. In fact in the early Christian community the Eucharist or the Breaking of the Bread was done in rooms (homes) of people. Gradually the Eucharist was moved away from homes to chapels, churches to big Cathedrals and Basilicas. Today there is a trend in the opposite direction especially with the emphasis on Small Christian Community, in imitation of the early Christian community.

 The Upper Room, situated in the city of Jerusalem, is also the place where Mary the Mother of Jesus along with the eleven disciples prayed for the coming of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1: 12-14). Mary is the queen of the Apostles and in effect of all disciples of Jesus. The Thoughts therefore is an attempt to meditate and ponder upon the Word of God along with Mary and like Mary.

 Most reflections do end with the application of the Word of God to life situations. In other words, the emphasis throughout the book has been on Eucharist flowing into life. The Eucharist celebrated on the altar in the midst of the community has to be celebrated on the altar of the world in the midst of the society. Religion, in its true sense, should have integral link with life and hence Eucharist should have a relation with life out there.



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