Articles Published (Newspapers and magazines)


Actions Speak Louder 

Archbishop Abraham Viruthakulangara

Are we living in the last days?

Beauty spots of Vidarbha

Centenial Foundation Day of St. Charles Seminary

Christmas: God’s offer of Glasnost

Christmas: Its date and customs

Christmas: The Coming of Love

Christmas: The Coming of Peace

Diwali and the Symbolism of Light

Easter: Feast of Life

Easter: Triumph of Hope

End of NDA's Deception

Farewells and Farewell

Fast Saint in Church’s History

General Elections 2004: For the Soul of India

India in Golden Year: The Great Divide

Lady of the Hill

Lady of Lourdes

Mother Teresa remembered

Nagpur’s Lady of Lourdes

New Year is a time for resolutions

Pope John Paul II: a sign of universal brotherhood

Prayers for Peace

Rock of Hope

Sacrament of Redemption: Directives to Exclusivism

Significance of Diwali

St. Dominic, the Innovator

St. Dominic, the Preacher

Symbol of Universal Love

The all-pervading presence of the Media

The Economic question in International Relations

The Legacy of Mother Teresa

The Miracle Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes

The Saint of a Thousand Images

Towards a Spirituality beyond Religion

Towards real Freedom

Vidarbha – Haven for Wildlife


Articles Published in The Delhi Dominican

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My Vision for St. Dominic’s

Building up a community

A praying community

Formation for Transformation

Every Christian a Missionary

Threshold of a New Millennium

New Year – time for a  resolution revolution

Making bridges

Lent: A time for renewal

Easter: a celebration of life itself

May Flower

A heart full of love

A time for introspection

St. Dominic, the Innovator

The critical importance of religious education

Neighbourhood Mass

The Sacraments and the Christian Life

Christmas: Revolution of Love

Weaving the fabric of our lives

Spiritual care for the dying

Lent: the spirit of fasting

I came that they may have life

The Laity in the Church

Priest/Parishioner “dyad”

Labourers to the harvest

The Body in prayer

Eucharistic Ministers

Why Focus on Jesus?

Now and at the hour of our death

Peace to people of Goodwill

2002: Year of war or dawn of peace?

Lent: A time to re-turn

Christ our hope has risen – Alleluia!

Why divide the community?